January 22, 2009

Life Since December

We have been a bit busy lately and having lots of fun. We had Greg's family and friends visit from Mississippi and Conneticut. We had lots of fun visiting with them and showing them good ol' Utah. Then we got hitched which was of course awesome. Then we went to San Diego and to Mexico for our honeymoon and had a blast. We're happy to be home and loving married life.


caitlin said...

Ah, I am so happy for you guys! We need to get together when your married haze starts to go away a bit. Your wedding was beautiful! Can't wait to see the pics!

Morgan Family said...

Oh, yay for marriage!! :) You two look so happy! Our little Greggy is growing up...:( Haha. Hope to meet you some day! Whenever I tell people that Greg got married, it is always followed with, "and I stalk their blog and his wife is ADORABLE!!!!" :) Hope you aren't creeped too bad. My husband and I live in Vegas, so we need to plan a trip to meet you and hang out with Greg! Much love and luck to you both!