July 21, 2015

Ladys' Man

Cooper is such a romantic. He's always talking about when he grows up and gets married. He says he is going to marry his best friend, Madi. At church a few weeks ago, one of the little girls in our sunbeam class put her arm around him. He looked at her and said, "I'm going to marry Madi when I grow up!" Didn't want her to get any ideas ;) 

We were watching Princess and the Frog and the song came on with credits. He came up to me and said, "Ma'am can I please a have a dance?" As we are dancing I told him he was the best thing I never knew I needed & he said I was the best thing he needed. 

He also asked me today if brown mommies & daddies have brown babies. When I told him yes, he asked if I could have a brown baby brother for him. When I told him I couldn't, because daddy and I are not brown. He was a bit disappointed.

July 5, 2015

Emmy loves all things girly. She is such a good little mama too. Always feeding her food to us and her toys. She is also pretty stubborn and throws some serious tantrums when things don't go just how she wants. So today she wanted to take her pink pony for a ride in her baby stroller. The problem is she isn't too good at driving it straight yet, so she bumps into poles or cars & doesn't understand all she has to do is back up. Today she got so irritated she threw the handle on the ground and walked off. She had already had a few tantrums prior to that because I wouldn't let her walk down the sidewalk without shoes on. Hopefully as she learns to talk more these tantrums will lessen. But it's pretty funny to watch her throw herself on the ground and cry dramatically while holding her face in her hands. Drama queen.
Tonight Coop & Greg were having some bonding time. They made root beer freezes & were sitting on the couch together laughing at silly jokes. I came downstairs with Emmy to have her tell them goodnight & as Greg was kissing on Emmy, Coop looks up at me and says, "What a good father we have." It was the sweetest ever. Later Coop was laying in our bed watching a show and I came up and started cuddling him and he says, "remember daddy hasn't had cuddles in a long time." Basiclly telling me that as soon as Greg came up I was to move over so he could have some daddy love. 

July 3, 2015

This Girl

Whenever we take Emmy somewhere fun, like the park or aquarium she is all about the attraction for a few minutes. Then the rest of the time we are there she is all about drinking fountains or gas meters, basically she's a crazy lady. We can't get enough of this crazy lady though. 

Trying to use puzzle pieces to buy a $4 dino drink that she already has at home. The vending machine was way cooler than the giant playground.

Cooper is my Favorite

Tonight he told me, "I love you more than Megaladons & sea turtles."

He's obsessed with who could win in a fight. He says, "mommy who do you think would win a Megaladon or a Spinasauros?" Then he asked me who I thought would win if it was him vs a great white shark, of course I said he would. He then said, "because my arms are so strong!" He always says that Dr. Dearani  gave him super strong arms, legs, etc when he fixed his heart. 

We were at the park the other day and he was playing with a little boy. He tells the little boy to come sit down so he can tell him all about Megaladon Sharks. He was very animated, using his arms to show the size and went through a long list of sharks that a Megaladon is bigger than. He finished with, "they're extinct now."

At Target I told him I was excited that shorts were 50% off, but too bad they were too short. He asked me why I didn't like shorts & I told him I did, just not booty shakin' shorts. He says, Mommy I have booty shakin' shorts on!" Then he starts singing Shake your Groove (he says booty instead) Thing while vicariously shaking his booty in front of the store manager. She said it made her day.

February 9, 2014

Our Emmy Girl

We welcomed Emerson Florence into our family on September 8th 2013. She was born at 6:08PM, weighing 7lbs 2oz and 20 inches long. She is named after Greg's grandma, who is the sweetest and best lady on the planet. 

We were so excited for her, but pretty nervous too. Last time we went through this, our whole world was flipped upside down. We felt peace that everything would be ok, but it was hard to not let our minds go to that ugly what-if place. Luckily, she is healthy & happy!

She is such a sweet girl and so cuddly. We all adore her! She weighs 18 lbs, which is how much Coop weighed at over a year old... she's 5 months. She lights up whenever she sees Greg, Cooper, or I. She is head over heels for Coop. She could watch him play all day. He is really good with her and has adjusted well. He struggled a bit at first, but is now doing really good. 

Some of her favorites:

Binky-especially her ducky wubbanubb 
Toys-straight to her mouth
Books-if she is really sad, a book will always make her happy
Blankets-she loves to have a blanket near her cheek when I rock her to sleep and loves chewing on them too
Bottle-she makes the cutest noises when she sees her bottle 
Her hands & feet-favorites to suck on

We are so happy to have her in our family & love her more than we could ever imagine.

August 29, 2013

From when he was 2 years old-

As we were driving home from Target tonight the sun was really bright in Coop's eyes. He said "Oh my gosh! The sun is so sunny I can't see my eyes!!!" I died laughing because I've never heard him say oh my gosh before and it was so funny. He got mad and said, "Mommy, I'm not being silly!!" I laughed harder.

He bit Greg because he said he was yummy and tasted like a dino

Thanked Heavenly Father for his scary ghost (his drapes)