November 19, 2009


In October we went to Connecticut to visit Greg's grandparents and meet up with his dad. It was by far one our favorite trips. It was so great to meet his wonderful grandparents and be able to see the beautiful area where they live. There house is so perfect and amazing, it was like something out of a movie.

The Saturday we were there all of Greg's extended family that live in Connecticut came over for a little family reunion. All of his family is so great and I wish we lived closer so we could be around them all the time.

We did a lot while we were there. The men played horse shoes and pool while grandma and I did girl stuff. We really wanted to focus on family history while we were there and we came back with lots of great photos and info on the fam.
We drove all over Connecticut, which isn't too hard to do since it is so small. We went to see Long Island from here but since it was such a rainy day you couldn't see much but still awesome to see another town where grandpa and grandma used to live.

This lake is right up the road from grandma and grandpa's house and there is another one on the other side of the road they live on. SO PRETTY!
In the town that grandpa grew up in they have a memorial to WWII and since he and his brothers served in the war their names are on it. It was so crazy to learn that grandpa's brother was as POW in Germany for several years.

I love this picture, it is so touching and fitting. Whenever we asked him about the war we were all interested and excited to hear about it but for him it was so awful that when he spoke about it he was really somber.

The cool rainbow before we landed in Connecticut
On our way in the plane!

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