November 14, 2009

The Mountain Lion Attack

These pictures are from ages ago. One night in the summer we went up the canyon with Kody, Dan, Nikki, and Kristen and some other people and had a fire. After the bonfire the craziest and scariest thing happened to us. We went up to the top of this mountain and there was a meadow up there and it was so beautiful even in the dark. We laid out a blanket and all six of us laid out on it and we were hanging out for a while discussing what we would do if an animal came up and attacked us. Kody said he would sacrifice himself for us then about 5 seconds later we hear this loud hissing noise. It sounded like a mountain lion to me. I freaked out and Kody being the insane one jumped up and ran out in the grass and was looking for something. Luckily nothing happened and we never saw the animal but we all heard the noise and I still say it was a mountain lion.

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