February 15, 2010


I have been a big blog slacker, especially since this is my journal. So I will play catch-up for the last 3 months. here are some of the things we did in November. We have been WAY into football this year, more than ever it seems. We went on little road trip with Aaron & Ames to meet Heth & Greg for dinner and the Utah State/Boise State game. That same weekend our friend Dan gave us his tickets to the BYU/Airforce game. Greg was absolutely stoked that we went to TWO games in one weekend.

For my birthday Greg took me a surprise weekend getaway to Park City. He got us a SWEET room at the Marriot and we went to dinner at the Canyons Resort. Then the next day he let me take as long as I wanted shopping at the factory stores. He is the best hubby eva.

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