February 13, 2011


Cooper is going to be coming home tomorrow. We are so excited and SOOO scared. We have always tried to do everything we possibly could to take care of him while at the hospital but still had nurses by our sides and monitors telling us he was ok. I am sure he will be fine and in a week we will forget that we were so scared but right now we are still trying to have confidence in our ability to care for him. He looks great and the doctors and surgeon are very pleased with his recovery. We stayed at the hospital last night with him to prepare ourselves for when he is at home and it was ZERO sleep. We just kept hearing monitors in other patient's rooms and the nurses chatting. I know at home we won't sleep too much better but hopefully I can at least get a little shut eye in between taking care of my sweet baby. I went with him this morning when he went to get his x-ray and it was so sad to see such a little dude laying under this HUGE machine. He was a champ and barely made a peep. One of Coops old NICU roomies got to go home today, we are so excited for Henry and Emily, his mom. Another one of his old roomies should be able to go home in a few weeks and she has already been at Primarys for four months. I can't stand seeing children sick and going through all they have to, but I am grateful we have the technology and medicine to help them get better. Wish us lots of luck!


Marisha said...

You will be fine! Your an awesome mom. My only advice is to ask for a blessing. Your husband can give you one to make you feel better. But if you need anything even a little sleep you can call and we would love to watch Cooper. Remember it's just as important for the mommies to sleep! Love you guys!

The Daltons said...

Good luck!! I wish you guys the best of luck! You are amazing people so you will definitely be AMAZING PARENTS.