August 18, 2011

6 & 7 Months

I am completely head over hills for my sweet boy. He is so amazing! I love being able to spend all day every day with him. He is growing like crazy and starting to become less and less baby and more and more boy. Coop is sitting up on his own now and really likes sitting up in the bath so he can splash the water with his hands. He gives me sweet open mouth kisses and likes to suck on my face. He really just likes sucking on anything and everything. Cooper loves to play with his books and have story time. Every day he helps me with all our chores and really likes it when we water the plants outside. He also likes to help me get the mail. As soon as I grab it he immediately reaches for anything he can get a hold of. When he sits on my lap while I work he grabs for everythiing and of course the fave is paper. This baby boy has the best posture, wherever he is sitting he is sitting completely straight. He love to jabber and jabber and sometimes he sings. He has started to jabber mamamamamam and dadadadadadada. He is so funny when he is laying down and leaned against something he will strain and strain to try to sit up. There are millions of things he does every day that make me so happy.

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