March 4, 2012

Cooper's 1st Birthday

Our baby boy had his first birthday in January. It was so fun to celebrate with our family and watch Coop eat his cake and open his presents. We feel a lot of relief to be where we are and not be facing all that we did last year when he was born. He has brought us the greatest joy and we know we are so lucky to have him in our lives. He is such a special boy and has so much attitude, we love his stubbornness-most of the time. We celebrated his birthday on the Sunday before with a Sesame Street themed party. I made all the decorations. Heather and Mom helped me with the food and treats. Of course Greg did all the heavy lifting and loading/unloading. He was a big support in my over-the-toppness that comes with anything concerning Cooper. My amazing friend Caity came and took pictures for us so we could just enjoy the party and not worrying about getting pics. One of the highlights of the party was that we were able to FaceTime with Greg's parents during the present opening and cake eating. They were so cute and had party hats on and Sesame Street decorations up at their house. Cooper is so loved!

He was so excited about his party that he was cheering. 

We could smooche on those cheeks all day if he would let us. 

The party was brought to us by the letter C and the number 1. 

He loved his cake that Aunt Heather made him, yuuummmy!

He was all about the cake eating... it was serious business. 

He got so many presents for Christmas that he has become really good at opening presents and only gets distracted by the wonderful noise the wrapping paper makes every once in a while. 

Grandpa and Grandma Gibbons got him a Mater truck and he loves it. Later on at the party him and Amelia got in a little fight over his new truck. He was not afraid to pull her shirt and hair, but we were able to get them to take turns. 

He got the cutest shirt from Grandpa and Grandma Zeh that says, "Everything I know I learned on the Street." and it has all the Sesame Street characters on it. 

LOVE these boys, I am the luckiest girl. 

Grandpa and Grandma Zeh on FaceTime.

This had to be a quick shot because he was ready to pounce on the cake. 

Look at that CUTE face. 

This was on his actual birthday when he opened his present from Greg and I. He loves his push car and I am sure we will be using it a lot this summer. 


Amy said...

Awww Happy Birthday Coop! What an adorable boy! Parker loves sesame street to, I need to know where you got that shirt! (And the one from Gma and Gpa too!)


The Dalton's said...

Congratulations!! He is sooo cute!

Go Go Gomez said...

Aubs! That is such a cute post! What a fun party! The cupcakes are adorable! Cooper is probably one of the cutest kids I have ever seen!

Ali said...

That looks like so much fun! I don't know how you moms can do it and do themed parties. I tried to think of one and couldn't ever decide. So we just did generic "Happy Birthday" decor.... lol
Happy Birthday Cooper!!!

Crystal said...

He is adorable! All those decorations and (especially) the cupcakes look amazing! Looks like it was a fun party! :)