September 16, 2012


We made it to Rochester last night around 8. Cooper did so good on our flight, surprisingly! He slept the whole flight from Salt Lake to Minneapolis and then our flight from Minneapolis to Rochester was so short. It was like taking a flight from Provo to Bountiful. Cooper loved looking out the plane window and saw the big tubes out when we were waiting to take off and he thought it was a snake. He kept pointing at it and making a hissing noise.

When we got to the hotel last night he was pretty excited to get his play on. We almost forgot one of our carry-ons on our layover and it was the carry-on with the toys. That would have been a rough one to make due without. He was so hyper he didn't go to sleep till 11. We have to go back to the airport to get our rental car today because they were closed last night. Then tomorrow we have appointments from 7 AM to 4 PM at Mayo. We will meet Dr. Dearani and talk surgery. Our cab driver last night even knew who he was from driving so many people who have come to see this amazing surgeon.

I still can't believe how amazing everyone has been to us. All day Friday I kept tearing up because of the love I feel from all of you amazing friends and family. We have such a great support system and Cooper is so loved by so many. The next few days will be some of the hardest days we have ever faced so we would love your continued prayers and good vibes!


The Dalton's said...

I hope everything goes sooooooo well!! I meant to put some money into his account (is it too late??) since we couldn't make it to the Chick-Fil-A night...please let me know if it's not too late!! Thinking about you guys.

Ali said...

I tear up every time I see any of your pictures. We are all praying so hard for Coop, and for you and Greg!