July 3, 2015

Cooper is my Favorite

Tonight he told me, "I love you more than Megaladons & sea turtles."

He's obsessed with who could win in a fight. He says, "mommy who do you think would win a Megaladon or a Spinasauros?" Then he asked me who I thought would win if it was him vs a great white shark, of course I said he would. He then said, "because my arms are so strong!" He always says that Dr. Dearani  gave him super strong arms, legs, etc when he fixed his heart. 

We were at the park the other day and he was playing with a little boy. He tells the little boy to come sit down so he can tell him all about Megaladon Sharks. He was very animated, using his arms to show the size and went through a long list of sharks that a Megaladon is bigger than. He finished with, "they're extinct now."

At Target I told him I was excited that shorts were 50% off, but too bad they were too short. He asked me why I didn't like shorts & I told him I did, just not booty shakin' shorts. He says, Mommy I have booty shakin' shorts on!" Then he starts singing Shake your Groove (he says booty instead) Thing while vicariously shaking his booty in front of the store manager. She said it made her day.

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