November 8, 2008


We had a rad halloween week, every day we did something halloweenish. Halloween day was a lot of fun hanging with the nephews, going to din with the fam, and shakin our bootays at Cali's party. Oh and we got bar stools and a new comforter set that day too, one of my favorite parts of the day :)

We were Johnny Cash and June Carter, Greg's cigarette is not real BTW.

Us with the troll, Cali
Greg and his BF, Kody
My BF Drew and Dan

My dad's costume for dinner

We went to Cole's school costume parade in the morning and he just ran past us and would not stop for us to take his picture but I still got one.

Earlier in the week we made a fort in my basement and told ghost stories, haha

My pumpkin is the one on the left, it's a scary tree with bats which I did entirely free hand thank you very much, but Greg still claims his is cooler on the right...


Cali Haynie said...

Yay I made it on the blog! I'm glad you guys came to my party! It was so fun!

Crystal said...

Hey Crazeh! How are things going? How's wedding plans and all that biz! The big day's comin soon! Hope everything's goin great! Love ya!