December 13, 2008

Thanksgivin and Mama's b-day

We had a awesome Thanksgiving and me and Amy did all the cooking by ourselves. We had a few mishaps, like the pressure cooker handle breaking, the $50 tupperware bowl melting, burning the Gibbons tradition, German red cabbage, and last but not least Greg "helping" Amy drop the turkey/chicken on the floor. It was still way tasty and of course we ate till we popped. Then we stayed up way late to see all the crazy people at Walmart stand by a TV/Christmas tree for a few hours, but now Greg won't have to use the binoculars when watching TV when we move into our house. Three days later we got to celebrate my mama's b-day so here are some pictures from both events, these are the only ones I took... I am becoming a picture loser cause I am too busy taking photos for school all the time.

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