March 4, 2010

Greg's BEST birthday

Greg's birthday is February 7th and the Super Bowl happen to fall on his birthday this year. Over a year ago when he heard that it was going to be on his birthday he was SO excited. He would tell everyone whenever the subject of football came up. His DREAM Super Bowl was to have the Patriots v. the Saints. The Pats sucked it up this year so they were out BUT the SAINTS made it to their FIRST Super Bowl EVER. To say the very least he was completely stoked. He ate, slept, drank anything about the Super Bowl for two weeks straight. So of course we had to have a big birthday/Super Bowl shindig to cheer the saints on.

I tried hard to make him the Saint's Fleur de Lys out of cake, but the cake was really crumbly so it didn't turn our quite the way I had envisioned.

My fave team is the Colts, but my heart is in Louisiana because of the mish. SO I was COMPLETELY torn on who to cheer for. I started out staying true to my team, but I had to change my mind and cheer for the saints for the following three reasons,
1. It was my husband's b-day and it is the team he has loved for ages and I wanted him to have a good b-day.
2. The Saint's have never been to the Super Bowl and the Colts have been and won in '06.
3. I absolutely LOVE Louisiana, fave state ever.

This is the WHO DAT chest bump!

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