March 5, 2010

Auntie Erika's Surprise b-day

I had a surprise party for my WONDERFUL aunt Erika in February. She is such an amazing woman and has really been through a lot the past few years so I thought the least I could do would be to throw her an awesome party. We had it catered by my work and then we had a good time watching the kids do the pinata and karaoke' ing into the night.

Heth and Greg were in town for our family friend's temple sealing so we were able to play over the weekend.

All the cute kidos lined up to knock the pinata!

Right before my cousin's boy, Caiden got up to take a swing Aaron said something about any minute someone is going to get hit by the broom stick. Not two seconds after I tie the scarf on Caiden he swings the broom stick and wham it smacks me right across my thigh. It was a bit bruised and sore for while.

My dad's face is classic Joe. We all found out that night that my dad is quite a karaoke'er. It seemed like he got up every other song. Yeah he rocked it.

The Gregs' are by far the most talented singers in the fam. The killed it at singing some Bon Jovi. They sounded so good!

The boys ended the night with some Garth Brooks, friends in low places.

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