April 22, 2010


I took pics and designed my new neice's birth annoucement and so I thought I would post it to share how amazingly beautiful she is. LOVE her. Greg and I are slightly obsessed.

I was babysitting the kids the other day and Noah wanted me to take a picture of him with his baby sister. He is such a good big brother... suprisingly. He is constantly wanting to touch her face and kiss her. He calls her Amilly, so cute. I LOVE her dress! I bought it for her mainly so one day I could get it back to put my daughter in. I wouldn't want to be the crazy lady buying things for kids she doesn't have yet, so I do it in a roundabout way.


simplycaitlin said...

Love the announcement! Good job! Can't wait to see you Saturday.

Gibb and Company said...

you can obsess all you want about the kids you don't have yet. I will let my kids wear anything you give them and gladly give it back to ya!