April 23, 2010

What Kind of Sport Has a Tie?!

Cafe Rio has a suite at the Rio Tinto Stadium and we were able to go to their first home game. We had a good time at the game even though it TIED! Since when did soccer or any sport for that matter have a tie?! Soccer is fun and a great game but not a true sport if ties are allowed (sorry Ames just had to break it to ya). At least that's what Greg and I thought, but then again Americans always have to have a winner right? That's what makes us such a great nation or made us one... We WON the British, not tied! Where would we be if we had tied the Brits? Probably having tea right now... maybe that wouldn't be so bad. Yeah I know I sound like a redneck rebel flag lovin' hick.

By far my favorite part of the game was the half time show. The Make a Wish Foundation had a little boy who wanted to sing with David Archuleta at a ReAl game. It was so sweet and the little boy was so adorable. I was such a cry baby. I am now an Archie fan! 

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Ryan and Hetz said...

Hey I was there too!! Your job sounds way awesome! You seem to get to do fun things!