April 20, 2010

Colors Festival & BBQ

A few weeks ago we went to the Krishna Colors Festival in Spanish Fork. We had a great time and got super colorful and Greg even got stained.

 Pre-festival, all clean.

The chant. They had a few different singers chant this and by the end we all had it memorized.

This was at the beginning so I am still fairly clean and it is all from Greg throwing his colors at me. Such a bully.

They do a countdown from 20 and then everyone throws the colors. It was so crazy, Greg thought he might suffocate. It looked so pretty!

Greg's stained head. He had to work the next day too. So we went home and scrubbed and scrubbed, he ended up looking like he had a sunburn instead of pink marks all over.

We had a BBQ over at Kody and Dan's new place. Kody made ribs like my dad does, SO GOOD! We were so proud of him. Then of course we rocked out in the backyard.

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Crystal said...

So is this a new thing? The Colors Fest? I've never heard about it until this year and like EVERYONE I know (in Utah) went. Looks like a toooon of fun! Maybe I'll come out next year! :D