April 9, 2010

Oh Yeah Baby!

I am so proud of Greg! He has been working like a crazy man the past few weeks and I have missed him so much. But he always works so hard so we can have a great future for our future kids. He has really proved himself working with the Church  the past year and a half. They recently offered him a great opportunity. He is going to be AV tech'ing Music and the Spoken Word. He worked it before a couple conferences ago and his name was in the credits but no one knew before hand and his parents were the ones who saw it. So this conference weekend when he was working it I had the remote all ready to pause it and take some pics to glory in my hubby's fame! He will be working it just about every Sunday so if you happen to be watching look for his name.  


The Daltons said...

Ooooh, congratulations!! That's so cool!

Marisha said...

I thought that was him at the Primary meeting. I wanted to ask him if he was married to the way hot Aubrie but I walked in late and didn't see him after. Congrats to him!

Crystal said...

Yeeeaah! That's awesome! :D