June 24, 2011

5 Months

Cooper is 5 months old this month. He is getting so big and strong. He has started eating solids and really loves carrots, rice cereal, and bananas. He is not so much a fan of peaches yet. He loves grabbing at your face and touching your mouth. My mom is convinced he is going to be a dentist because of how much he loves touching mouths. He gives the best hugs and kisses. He is a very happy boy and laughs and smiles as long as his belly is full and he is fully rested. So he is just like his mommy and daddy in that regard. He has started teething and I feel for my boy. He has moments where he seems more miserable than other times. Greg and I love to walk into his room and watch him sleeping. He sleeps like a little froggy. He has his arms up by his head and froggy legs. In the morning he lets us know he is ready to play by talking non-stop. We love to hear him jabber and then once he sees us his whole face lights up and he gets the biggest grin. He went swimming for the first time and really enjoyed it. He was very calm and just relaxed in the water while everyone made a fuss of him. He is getting really close to sitting up on his own and he loves standing up while holding our hands. He can holds his bottle all by himself if he is in the mood. He is growing up so fast. It seemed like the first 10 weeks of his life were years long. As soon as he got his feeding tube out time has flown by. He has stolen our hearts and we love him more and more every day.

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Ryan and Hetz said...

Aubrie, you are too sweet. I think you are so amazing and you can tell you love your little guy so much. I'm sure it was so hard to first have a hard time getting Cooper and then with his struggles. I love that he always has a smile on his face, in all the pictures, he is just so happy regardless of his challenges. He takes after his mom and dad: always finding the good in situations and being positive.