April 16, 2012

March 2011

March was full of doctors appointments and worrying about feeding issues. I also started back to work at the end of March and my work was so amazing to offer me a position working from home. Cooper had his 2nd swallow study and we were able to start with some nectar thick liquids. Greg and I decided that Cooper would be done with the tube before his blessing at the end of April. We decided that he would never want to eat full feeds orally if his pump was running on continuous. So we talk with his amazing pediatrician about turning off the pump and seeing how he would do. Within a week he was rockin' it and two weeks on March 28th his pediatrician felt confident with his weight gain and progress and pulled the tube!!! It was amazing. Dr. Templeman said he looked so handsome! We celebrated and went out to dinner for the first time as a family to Red Robin. March was much better than January and February. Things started to look up and Cooper was growing and wireless!

 His second swallow study and post op visit

 The day he got his feeding tube pulled!

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