June 17, 2012

Love My Little Boy

Cooper is becoming more and more of a little boy than a baby. It's so fun, but sometimes I miss his baby-ness. Today I was cleaning and he decided he wanted to help so he grabbed a Clorox wipe and starting wiping off the dishwasher, chairs, and walls. Oh I love him! He also loves the vacuum and dishwasher. He went and grabbed some of his books, jackets, and hotwheels to put in the dishwasher. He has also put a redbox DVD in their before. One day I am sure we will actually run a cycle without realizing he put a toy in there.

He is obsessed with his cars and has been spoiled rotten by Greg and grandparents with more and more cars. He puts them in his Elmo lunchbox and carries them around. We will race them off of the furniture and before we do he puts his hands up and says, "Go!!" Really he is the cutest boy!

He also loves loves music and dancing. He usually puts one hand in the air and shakes it. If he is playing and I turn on music he immediately stop play time and gets his groove on. He really likes Adele, The Black Keys, Alvin & the Chipmunks, The Jackson 5, and pretty much all rock. Greg is so proud when he starts rocking out to some classic rock. He also loves daddy's guitar and can't keep his hands off of it. He knows that if I have my phone in my hand and say music that it is time to dance.

He is getting really good at following instructions/understanding and speaking. He will go get certain items or follow you if you tell him to. He now says ball, dada, daddy, balloon, pop, car, go, hi, baba, bobo (fave book character), and some others I can't remember right now.

He has loved summer. We have gone swimming, to the zoo, fun play dates, discovery gateway, lots of parks, BBQ up Millcreek Canyon, lots of walks, and one road trip to see Aunt Heather. He loved her pool and all the awesome trucks.

He is sooo friendly. He will walk up to strangers and say hi. He used to wave and wave at strangers but now since he can say hi he does that instead. It's so funny to hear him say it and see how he interacts with people. He had a development evaluation the other day and his score for social/emotional skills was that of a 24 month old. He also has started tickling your neck and thinks its so funny, especially when you giggle.

Just few other faves of his right now: sunglasses, his stuffed bulldog & Elmos and giving them loves, chick fil a, Greek yogurt, taking his aspirin & vitamin whole, kids and touching them, books, strawberries, pretend cooking, leaving graham crackers everywhere they shouldn't be, the bathroom, grape tomatoes, mickey mouse clubhouse, pediasure, cereal, trying to put his shoes on, oreos, taking socks and shoes off, sleeping opposite of how we put him in his crib, oranges, and pretty much copying everything we do and getting into everything he shouldn't.


The Dalton's said...

He is so stinking adorable!! You guys have such cute pictures of him. He really is looking more like a little boy! I'm glad he's so healthy!

Crystal said...

HEY! I don't have your email address, I was going to ask if you are still in Draper? My baby bro is serving his mission in the Salt Lake City South (Spanish) Mission & I was wondering if he was in your stake or ward.