September 24, 2012

Coop had an echo and x-ray today to see how things were looking and if he could be cleared to be released. His results were great with both. Dr. Dearani said his echo looked GREAT! His valve is not leaking at all and all of the docs are pleased. He got put on the step down unit for the night and I am sleeping over with him. Hopefully we can get out in the morning, he does so much better out of his room. I think he associates the hospital room with pain.

We were out walking and going to play in the toy room when we met a 55 year old lady who also had the cone procedure Tuesday with Dr. Dearani. She looked great and said she feels amazing. She wasn't diagnosed with Ebsteins till she was 17 and has had two surgeries to repair her valve. We were amazed she could still have the cone procedure. She said her last surgery Dr. Dearani was in the OR as an intern studying under the surgeon who performed the operation. She has led a great life, is married, and has two kids. Her case is obviously less severe than Cooper's since his defect presented early in life, but it still gives us hope.

We are so glad to be living in a time when technology is increasing and that there are options available for Cooper. Can't wait to get home and let him heal where he is most comfortable.

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Angee and Thom said...

I love meeting "older" CHDers. It gives me the permission to HOPE!