September 25, 2012


Coop got released today! We are so happy and feel so blessed. If it's possible, I love him even more. I am in awe of his strength and amazing soul. He is the greatest blessing in our lives and we will always fight through his heart journey with him. We have seen miracles this past week and thank our Heavenly Father for giving us strength, love, and the ability to make it through this experience.

Cooper is so close to being back to himself. He has all his cute, mischievous, and loving personality back, but is still physically recovering. It will be about 6 weeks till his body is recovered and hopefully I can distract him to not get too wild during that time. He had lost .8 k during the past week with not eating and everything, but got on the scale today before discharge and is back to pre-op weight! Yay!!

Nurse Kimmi came by to see Coop before we left. It was great to see her and for her to see him doing so well. She made up a song for him that she would always sing to him. It went something like, "cause you're my super Cooper trooper." it was really cute.

We still have another week in Minnesota to make sure he is doing ok and have a post-op appointment with his Mayo Clinic cardiologist, Dr. Cabalka and follow-up with Dr. Dearani. We would love to go home sooner, but feel like we should let him heal some more before traveling. So hopefully we can stay sane and not get cabin fever.


Angee and Thom said...

he is so dang cute! I hope you have a restful week

Melissa said...

That is so wonderful. You all look good!