September 19, 2012

Rhythm Day

Cooper had a high fever, was still having irregular rhythms, and his urine was clouded this morning. He started a bit of sinus rhythm (good rhythm) late morning but it lasted just a few minutes and then went back to the 3rd degree heart block rhythm (bad rhythm). It happened a few more times and his PA said she told Dr. Dearani and he said that it was promising.

Then Greg and I left for a late lunch and came back to sinus rhythm!!! He started at 4:00 and is still going. Such a huge relief!

His catheter wasn't working right and he had to be re-cathed. That explained the clouded urine. The urine and all labs look perfect! He is starting to ween off the sedation in preparation to extubate and start the wake up process tomorrow. Hopefully that will go well and he will remember how to breathe on his own.

We loved Cooper's sweet and amazing nurse Kim. She is very spiritual and is so dedicated to her patients. She was probably just about as excited as we were when things started to turn around today. We were talking this afternoon about how grateful we were and she started crying saying she just kept praying for him. It was so cute and awesome that she cares that deeply. Thank you for all the prayers!!! We feel them and know they are strengthening us.

The first pic is of Coop's monitor when he started in sinus, second is of a heart block rhythm, third is a close up version of a sinus.

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