September 20, 2012

48 Hours

I can't believe it's only been 2 days since surgery, it feels like ages. We still have over a week and a half here. I am not anxious to push him quicker, just want him to take his time and go at a nice steady pace.

He was extubated this morning and is on oxygen. He hasn't weened down too much, but probably will as time passes this week. He still has a low grade fever and all his blood cultures are negative for infection, but they still switched to a antibiotic that covers a wider spectrum. He sounds a bit junky in his lungs so he is on lasix to help with that. His chest X-ray is pretty clear though.

He started to wake up a lot more today because they took him off his sedation meds. He has been SO thirsty and could probably drink a gallon of water, but we gave him an ounce every 10 minutes and he got a popsicle too. He kept asking for juice over and over again, poor baby just wanted to get his drink on. He feels so groggy and you can tell he isn't comfortable with all the wires attached to him. We sat him up today and moved him around a lot more to try to get that junk moving out of his lungs and more drainage out of his chest.

I got to hold him today and we switched him to a crib. He has been trying to talk a little and the first thing he said was mama. His poor little voice is so hoarse from the tube that he kind of sounds like a kitten when he cries. He was also reaching for Greg and I when he had the arm braces on, so sad.

It's just been more of a slow and steady day, but everything is going in a positive direction. When Dr. Dearani came in to see him this evening after a day full of being in the OR, he said he was happy with his progress and things are going where he wants. When he is happy, we're happy. Overall it's just a balancing game now between weening off meds and getting numbers where they want them.

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