September 23, 2012

Nurse Kim, Walks, and Room Air

Saturday was a good hard day. We walked in to see Kim, his primary nurse there when we didn't expect to see her. She is one of the most amazing nurses he has ever had. She called to check on him on her days off. She was so anxious to know how he was that she took the extra shift to come take care of him. She is so positive and pushed him to go on his walks, he went for 5 walks! It's so cute because all the nurses and staff peak their heads out and cheer him on when he is walking. She always took him to surprise places on his wagon walks, like the playrooms and fish tank. She really is an amazing person and gave him phenomenal care.

Coop was so withdrawn and wouldn't really eat or drink much. He hated his walks with his walker, but still kept at it thanks to nurse Kim. He was back and forth off of .5 to 1 liter oxygen all day. He got his hand IV out and so he only has his neck line left and pacer wires just to be safe.

He is only on a few meds and they are ones he will go home on. He will likely ween off the lasix over the next several months. Since we live at high altitude he will stay on sildenafil for a while. He is doing good, just hard to see no reaction to us or any of his personality. It will come though.

We left him around 8:00 and his night nurse Lori decided he was ready to go on room air, so off with the O2. We called to check on him at 10:00 and he was sleeping and sats were 96! Yay for good sats and no O2!!

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