September 21, 2012

Tube Day

Today his arterial line, catheter, and chest tubes came out. Yippee! He had to go for a walk and hated it. Poor little man still feels so crappy. He also went for a lap around the unit in a wagon, he was so worn out from his walk he just about fell asleep.

He has been weened off all drugs that were started in the OR. He is on an antibiotic, sidenifil, lasix, and pain meds as needed. He is on 1 liter of oxygen and hoping to be off before discharge.

He hasn't had much of an appetite today. He had a few bites of soup and sips of juice throughout the day. Poor little man drank a little too much and puked all over him and me.

He has just laid watching Nemo and has been very mellow besides when he starts to feel a little pain, but now that so many lines are out he should start feeling so much better. Dr. Dearani is pleased and so that is the biggest thing that matters.

He may move out of the ICU tomorrow or Sunday and maybe discharged Monday or Tuesday with a post op apt a few days later. We should still be on track to go home October 2nd. Hopefully he will start acting like himself again, I miss my crazy boy.


Mimi said...

Oh sweet boy!! Praying for a speedy recovery!

Angee and Thom said...

yeah now I'm a blog follower! Cooper is such a sweetie! I pray for a speedy recovery and quick trip back home.