July 5, 2015

Emmy loves all things girly. She is such a good little mama too. Always feeding her food to us and her toys. She is also pretty stubborn and throws some serious tantrums when things don't go just how she wants. So today she wanted to take her pink pony for a ride in her baby stroller. The problem is she isn't too good at driving it straight yet, so she bumps into poles or cars & doesn't understand all she has to do is back up. Today she got so irritated she threw the handle on the ground and walked off. She had already had a few tantrums prior to that because I wouldn't let her walk down the sidewalk without shoes on. Hopefully as she learns to talk more these tantrums will lessen. But it's pretty funny to watch her throw herself on the ground and cry dramatically while holding her face in her hands. Drama queen.

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