April 5, 2010

Weekend in Park City

In January my work had a company retreat to Park City. It was so unexpected for us because I just started working with Cafe Rio a few weeks prior. Cafe Rio knows how to show their employees a good time. We stayed at the FANCIEST place I have ever stayed and probably ever will. Each of us were given our own cottage and in the cottage there were 3 fireplaces. On the patio there was a fireplace and a hot tub, it was saaaweet! We went on a horse drawn sleigh ride up the mountain side to a restaurant and had a really yummy dinner. At dinner they gave everyone a gift card to the Mac store and cash to do as we pleased with. It was like a second anniversary gettaway for Greg & I because our anniversary was the week before. The next morning we had a delish breakfast and then everyone went sledding, but I was sick with an awful cold we just hung out and loved having a amazing weekend compliments of Cafe Rio. Here are a few pictures from the weekend, unfortunately I forgot my camera so these are phone pics.

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