August 18, 2011

Health Update

At Coops 6 month appointment he was in the 30th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height. He is going to be a baller. Of course he hated the shots but as I was cuddling him Greg turned Baby First TV on his phone and he immediately stopped crying. This boy is addicted to TV already. When we went to see Dr. Templeman it felt like years since we had been there and it had only been a month. But I guess that is how it goes when you go weekly or more to doctors appointments for 3-4 months. Cooper also had another cardiology appointment at the beginning of July. I was so nervous about it and emotional but it turned out really well. We went to see a new cardiologist and we are really happy with the switch. Cooper's sats were in the high 90's and his EKG looked great. Dr. Cowley said that sometime in the next 20 years he will have his shunt removed and probably his valve repaired. He also said that they feel confident that the valve is doing the majority of the work and that the shunt is just adding a little extra. Greg asked him what, if anything we should not let Cooper do as he grows. His reply was awesome, he said, "Just don't let him drive before he is 16."  He said he expects him to be able to do anything he wants and that he may be down for a few weeks when he has his next surgery and then he should be back to being crazy. One of my favorite parts of the appointment was when he was leaving the room and he said that Cooper was a success story. LOVE to hear that! We also ended up scheduling a swallow study the next day as recommended by Dr. Cowley. Coop did well with what little barium he swallowed. So he passed on thin liquids and has been off thick liquids for over a month. The speech therapist seemed a bit hesitant to say he passed because she wanted to see more swallows since he had been silently aspirating. So she had us ease of the thickener and then just watch him closely. I was of course a crazy woman because I was freaked out that he could be possibly aspirating. So Coop is doing great and is so happy. We love him and feel beyond blessed to have his amazing spirit to raise. We hope we can be the kind of parents he deserves.

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Ryan and Hetz said...

Wow! He is a success story. It sounds like your new doctor rocks !