October 3, 2012

Happy to be Home

We are home!!! We enjoyed a quiet, relaxing last week in Rochester waiting for our post-op appointments and just letting little man recover.

Cooper has recovered so well and his scar looks amazing! His post-op appointments went great too. His X-ray was more clear than his last, yay! And Dr. Calbalka, his Mayo cardiologist was pleased with how good he was doing. She said we better watch out because if he already had this much energy 2 weeks post-op he will likely get even more in the next few weeks as he recovers fully.

We also met with his surgeon, Dr. Dearani who was also pleased with the repair and recovery. He said Cooper was a beautiful boy and thanked us for coming. Truly a great man! We are so happy with our decision to follow the advice of our PCMC cardiologist.

We will follow up with Coop's PCMC cardiologist in a few weeks and I am excited to hear what he thinks of everything. He has already spoken with Dr. Dearani and received all the records.

Cooper is doing all his normal Cooper activities and tearing up the house. He is glad to be home and isn't acting like he just had surgery one bit. We cannot believe how well he is doing and feel so blessed. Hopefully we can have a healthy winter and Coop can have many years before another surgery.


Angee and Thom said...

Love the welcome home decor! Here's to Many, Many years before another surgery....

Tammy Hopkins said...

So happy you are all back home and Coop is doing so well. I had no doubt he would rock this surgery! So happy for you guys!!