November 26, 2012


Coop had his second post-op cardiology appointment today. He had his first echo since Mayo and it looked fantastic!!! We received all good news today, yay! Dr. Cowley said that the there was trace tricuspid valve leak aka normal heart healthy function-this is ideal post-cone procedure results. He said the repair was amazing and that he couldn't be more pleased.

We feel so relieved and it all feels so surreal. We talked several times with Dr. Cowley about surgery and all our concerns. He was so reassuring this summer when we found out surgery was sooner than we expected. He said, "6 months from now you'll be coming in here and it will all be over and he will be doing great." That time he talked about was today! I feel like jumping up and down, but can't because it just seems so dream like.

Coop didn't cry or put up a fight with the echo, EKG, blood pressure, pulse ox or X-ray. I think he is starting to understand it all a bit more. For Christmas we get to be medicine free! Coop stops the beta blocker today and Sildenafil and aspirin December 18th when he is 3 months post-op. He got to pick out a good boy present and he decided to add another Melmo aka Elmo to his collection.


Hilary and Eric said...

Woohoo is Right!!! What a blessing that you found that doc. So very grateful!!!

Angee and Thom said...

That is so great! It makes everything worth while to know you did the right thing. Happy Day! I love the look on his face when Dr. is listening to his heart.